Popular web hosting provider and domain name registrar, DreamHost got hacked. As per the blog post, the company has detected a security breach in one of their database servers. The company has taken rapid action to protect customer accounts and passwords. It was announced that all shell/FTP passwords would be reset due to what looks to be a security breach that was discovered on one of the DreamHost database servers.

Here is what the blog post said:

A quick review of the data potentially accessed indicated that some customers’ FTP and shell access passwords may have been compromised. So we decided to err on the side of caution and immediately initiate a forced reset of all customers’ FTP and shell access passwords, with the aim of preventing any illegal activity on customer websites. All FTP and shell access passwords were reset, and customer notifications were inserted in the web panel and on www.dreamhoststatus.com asking customers to specify new passwords once they’d logged in.

WordPress also tweeted all DreamHost users are urged to change their passwords: