De Montfort University in UK is doing research and developing computer games which can be controlled by eye movements. The aim here is a noble one, it is to allow severly-disabled youngsters to play computer games.

Eye control “adds a whole new level of intelligence to games”, says research leader Stephen Vickers.

The research of using eye tracking as a method to interact with devices has been going on since a few years, says Dr Vickers. Vickers however distinguishes his research by saying that his will be more accessible and also low cost. It works by staring at one of multiple stare points, which will behave as if the corresponding button is being pressed.

Eye tracking works by using infrared, which continously checks where your eye is pointing, and will also detect its movement as one looks around a computer screen..

“The characters will walk where you are looking. It’s much more natural to use and enjoy. It adds a whole new level of intelligence for games,” Vickers says.

We at Geektech wish him all the best.