Google has announced a new programming language for “structured web programming”. It is called Dart.

At the Goto international software development conference next month, the brand-new language will be discussed by tech lead manager Lars Bak and Google software engineer Gilad Bracha.

Google has already taken a crack at the server-side with Go. Google describes Go as a

“fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language”.

Not much technical details about Dart is available yet. We shall keep track of this news and keep you updated.

Source: theregister

  • ajnabi

    It will Suck

  • Google Chrome is still behind as far as being the industry standard for web browsing, but is also the only browser on a upward climb in recent years. IE is falling by the wayside losing users by the day even though it still holds the top spot. My thought is that Chrome will soon take over Firefox and in turn catch IE as they cross paths in an X formation. This gives Google for than enough pull to implement their own standards just as Microsoft has. Microsoft has always been the company that has said, “why should we comply with industry standards, WE ARE THE STANDARD!” its Googles turn to do this in coming years, but the difference is that people ACTUALLY LIKE google and don’t hate on it all day like they do to Microsoft.