The unofficial version of Cyanogenmod 9 for quad-core HTC One X is out on net. This ROM is built completely from source so there will be no HTC sense parts in it. TripNRaVeR of the TripNDroid Mobile Engineering team has just posted a version of Cyanogenmod 9 for the One X.

This is not yet official by Cyanogenmod. So here are some of the features which are working/not-working:

– Mobile network (data, calls, sms etc.)
– Bluetooth
– Bluetooth tethering
– Wifi
– Hardware video decoder
– Hardware acceleration (2D/3D)
– Audio
– MIC (recording)

Not working:
– Camera
– Wifi hotspot

Mobile data will take a lot of time to correctly connect, there’s not much you can do about it just wait until it correctly connects. When it is connected is stable, it will not disconnect this happens only after a reboot or after initial setup. The hacker is working on this issue and we can expect an update on this soon.  Another feature include the soft menu key which is implemented by system when an application uses it.No need for hardware menu key. More or less like sense but without placing a menu key at the bottom of the screen. ROM is as close to stock CM9 as possible.

For more details CLICK HERE.