Cricket History in world

Cricket History in world
This game developed by England in 14th century. Every person like this game in around the world. This is genuine sport game. Participating country are the cricket game: India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, England, West indies, Sri lanka, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bermuda etc. About the cricket betting tips free and teams I m describe the team a according to the country eleven players are together play this game.
“What is the cricket ground size?”
The size of the field on which the game is played varies from ground to ground but the pitch is always a rectangular area of 22 yards in length and 10ft in width. The popping (batting) crease is marked 1.22m in front of the stumps at either end, with the stumps set along the bowling crease.
Indian people are very crazy for this cricket game. Dominates sports media coverage for around a quarter of the world’s population in the Indian sub-continent. Also huge in UK, Australia and South Africa. 2011 world cup final watched by more than 400 million globally and semi-final between Pakistan and India by reported 1 billion. Pakistan vs India cricket match every people are watch in India.
“Cricket World Cup History”
The first tournament took place in England in 1975 which was won by the West Indies. The most recent event was held in 2015 which was won by Australia, who hosted the tournament along with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. An ICC Women’s World Cup has been held every four years since 1973.

The Advent of Technology and Cricket