Most of the electronic devices we use today are made in China, so it is no surprising that automatic hands-free sperm extractor (or lets call it jerk-off machine) is being built to help in aid for male infertility patients at Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China. From what we can tell from the video is that the massage hold is suppose to give pleasant massage inside the machine.

To enhance the extraction experience the machine frequency, amplitude and temperature can be controlled manually, meaning you can have experiences of fast, slow, hard, soft, hot, cold, etc. If you are looking for more enhancement then there is a screen on top of the machine will play videos of whatever you want.

[box_dark] Zhu Guoxin, director of the urology department at the Zhengzhou Central Hospital, explains with a straight face: “Perhaps citizens misunderstood the usage of the machine, and thought it was used for sperm donation. In fact, sperm bank has very high standards; donors must go through strict medical examination and they will definitely not use a sperm extractor.”[/box_dark]

The machine is not used for sperm donation or for personal satisfaction. The extractor will cost $2,800.

Source: Dvice

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