China has stopped 22 fake Apple stores in Kunming city from illegally using the company’s iconic trademarks after Apple lodged a complaint with authorities.


The city ordered all unauthorized Apple vendors to cease using the Apple trademarks by August 10, this past Wednesday. This included any decorative logos found on door entrances and clothes. All 22 stores complied with the demand.



According to a Friday posting made on the city government’s website currently Kunming authorities have found 20 unauthorized Apple resellers, 11 of those resellers are being investigated. Two other stores were discovered for related violations.Kunming authorities launched this investigation after Apple’s Shanghai office sent a complaint about the fake stores on August 2.


According to analysts Apple has become one of the most popular brands in China, the company’s products has proved to be a hit amongs the consumers.


Last month, Apple COO Tim Cook said the company’s revenue from China for this past quarter increased by more than six times from the same period last year.


Buzz of this Kunming’s fake Apple stores appeared last month when a blogger posted photos from one of the vendors. The stores were built to closely match the decor of Apple’s own official retail outlets, also to be seen than their employees have similar dressing. The products sold, however, were said to be real.


Since the blog posting, the fake Apple stores have received unwanted attention from both the media and authorities. Kunming officials had launched an earlier investigation, in which they had found five unauthorized stores illegally using the Apple logo. Two stores were ordered to be shutdown.

The company only has four stores on mainland China, two located in Shanghai, the other two in Beijing. Long lines have formed at those retail outlets in the past when Apple launched its iPhone 4 and iPad 2 products, creating shortages for the products.