Just when you thought that you have seen all kinds of crazy apps that the iPhone can throw at you. It managed to amaze us once more. With a new app which helps detect cataracts. There are other phones out there too which support this app too.

Developed by researchers at MIT. The CATRA system works with a device which snaps on to the front of your iPhone and also to any monitor. And then uses the output on the screen and diagnoses for any cataract in the patient’s eye.

Ramesh Raskar, at MIT Media Lab said, “Catra is like a radar for your eye. A radar will scan the sky and depict clouds on a weather map. Similarly, CATRA scans every part of your lens and finds where it is clouded.”Light beams will continually scan your eye but showing you an image. Whenever the image gets faded you press a button.Depending on how many times you pressed the button. It gives you the status of your eye.

This is one very useful app, which is gonna be a sure favorite among many medical practitioners. And hopefully better the quality of life for many around the world.Especially in developing nations where cataract is a very common sight.