Most analyst would have predicted that solid state, or better technology using better materiel to make hard drives to store large amounts of data would be the future. but it seems we are going old school by bringing back the cassette tape technology.

A new report states that “a new wave of ultra-dense tape drives” is said to replace the conventional hard disks as storage medium in storage farms, storing everything form your Facebook profile to data crunching HD streaming videos. Fuji Film in Japan and IBM in Zurich have developed a prototype tape, four inches square and less than an inch thick, applicable of storing a massive 35 terabytes of data. This is achieved by magnetic tape coated in particles of barium ferrite.

This technology isn’t designed for the common man but for the storage space hungry centers where very large amount of space is required to store data that is generated from research and data acquired form space technology. The tapes may store large amounts of data but are not fast  as the current hard drives we have. As the research continues, Fuji and IBM are planning to shrink the internals of the new cassette system further to squeeze 100 terabytes into each cartridge and make it faster.

Source: gizmodo