Canon 5D MK II successor Canon 5D MK III is rumored for 27th February launch. The Canon 5D Mark III is expected to come with a 22 megapixel sensor and also feature a 61 point auto-focus system, up form a 19 pint AF system on the previous model and a 3.2 inch LCD display.

It seems that a fresh set of rumors is pegging the launch date of the Canon 5D MK III (or whatever it’s going to be called) for the 27th (or 28th) of February.

Like we  said, the Canon 5D MK III will not be featuring an overly large sensor and would be in the 20’s range. Assuming the rumors are to be believed, this is indeed the case as the 5D MK III is said to sport an image sensor of 22MP. It will also come with a 100% VF, a 3.2” LCD display, slots for both CF/SD cards, and interestingly has seen its AF points bumped from its previously rumored 19 to a whopping 61! The Canon 5D MK III is also expected to retail for $3,500. So, any takers?




Source : Geeky Gadgets