BrowserID is a new experimental way of signing into websites brought to you by Mozilla Labs. BrowserID implements the “verified email protocol”, which offers a streamlined user experience. A user can prove their ownership of an email address with fewer confirmation messages and without site-specific passwords.


BrowserID is:

  • easy to use

Users gain a streamlined one-click experience that feels the same on any site they visit. Developers save time by deploying BrowserID, eliminating the need to implement email verification. Check out the links at the end of the post for more information.

  • secure

BrowserID implements the Verified Email Protocol, which is designed with security in mind. Sites get proof of ownership using public key cryptography—but don’t worry, we have a verification service so you can get started without writing a single line of crypto code.

  • cross-browser

BrowserID will work on all modern browsers, including recent versions of IE, and on mobile browsers!

  • decentralized

Anyone with an email address can sign in with BrowserID, and email providers can implement BrowserID support to make the system even easier for their users.

  • even better on future browsers

Although the prototype is implemented entirely in HTML and JavaScript, the system is designed to seamlessly integrate into future browsers. Check out our mockups for an idea of the kind of experience that is possible.

  • respects user privacy

Unlike other sign-in systems, BrowserID does not leak information back to any server (not even to the BrowserID servers) about which sites a user visits.