Brazilian government Website was attacked today by Brazilian hackers named “HawkSec”. They say it was taken as step to expose all the corrupt FDPS that haunt the country.

The Translated message which was put up on the government site said:

For media: the goal of a hacker is never to steal, who steals is cracker, and who is doing this fusarca
all in our country are not “hackers” are the Kiddies.

For the government: let the tip of investing more in technology and safety, if there was a virtual war,
the Yankees would win for sure. if they want to steal bank accounts via the Internet,
can start taking the air:, is a kind of college, for bankers
and kiddies.

For the corrupt, just started, no one escapes.

@ FIREH4CK3R, you do not do anything that someone would not common, with Havij SQL Injection, to explore my little voice.
@ LulzSecBrazil do not go out of focus: to expose all the corrupt FDPS that haunt our country.
@ G1 @ LulzSec even if the boat has abandoned the politics of Brazil is not without us, not you.

[] ‘S’ @ unknow_antisec, fatalerrorcrew @, @ Havittaja, LulzSecBrazil @, @ zhide00, xniffer, ldeliz, clear, Killdeer, psy_ps.

Hacked Website:

Screenshots of hack: