“GO-GREEN” is the new world trend,  translated in terms of the automobile industry, it means electric vehicles. One such company who is on par with the new trend is Brammo. Brammo manufactures electric motorcycles and on july 2010 they announced their new line of Empulse line of electric motorcycles. And now they have listed the price and availability of the vehicle.


The Empulse series of bikes are said to reach a max speed of 100mph and also have a range of 100 miles on full charge. One good feature about the bike is the the 9.4 kilowatt battery takes only three and a half hors to charge. The bike has a six speed gear box and regenerative braking. The performance is said to be similar to any normal bike despite the top speed.

Empulse will be priced at $16,995 and is apparently equipped with many Italian components which are allegedly found on Ducati’s 848 StreetFighter.The higher-end model, Empulse R is said to cost $18,995 and will apparently feature additions such as carbon fiber front and rear fenders, headlight shroud, tank and tail.  Based on the demand, it could go into full production by Q3 of  2012.




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