boeing black

Popular aerospace company, Boeing has unveiled ‘Boeing Black’ smartphone that deletes all its call and message data if any unauthorized attempt is made to crack it open.

With all NSA allegation regarding spying, Boeing Black is designed to target customers who concerned about their privacy. The phone has 5.2-by-2.7-inch body and has dual-SIM support. The phone can operate on GSM, WCDMA, and LTE frequency bands and offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Android™ Operating System: Convenient smartphone for Android usage
  • Disk Encryption: Encrypted storage for sensitive data
  • Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures software authenticity
  • Hardware Crypto Engine: Protects stored and transmitted data
  • Embedded Secure Components: Enables trusted operations
  • Trusted Platform Modules: Provides secure key storage
  • Secure Boot: Maintains device image integrity
  • Hardware Modularity: Endless modularity capabilities

Boeing’s Black phone would “trigger functions that would delete the data and software contained within the device and make the device inoperable. Any attempted servicing or replacing of parts would destroy the product.”

“Boeing has primarily developed its Black phone for government agencies and their contractors to ensure that the data and voice communications undertaken by their respective employees are transmitted and stored in a highly secure manner,” Boeing said in a letter requesting confidential treatment of the device through the Communications Regulator’s review process.

Source: thinkdigit