Blocks Modular Smartwatch

UK based company named Blocks is developing a smartwatch which is pretty much using the concept of Google’s Project Ara. The Blocks Modular Smartwatch will be a fully customizable wearable watch that allows the user to choose which sensors needs to be active based on their needs. User can make their smartwatch a basic fitness band or a more fully featured smartwatch or something else.

Blocks allows the user to buy individual blocks such as a heart rate monitor or GPS tracker to build out the specific kind of smart band they’re after — whether that’s health-, activity- or notifications- focused. This is a very geeky concept for a smartwatch and it has the potential to replace the smartwatch that we know as of now.

Have to look at the video below to get a clear picture on how Blocks Modular smartwatch can change the future of smartwatch industry.

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Source: Tech Crunch