Hacker group Team Poison (@_TeaMp0isoN_ ) who have been publicly attacking LulzSec and Anonymous and who claimed responsibility for posting British prime minister Tony Blair’s personal information has been exposed by Black & Berg Security as being a group that was created by members of LulzSec, Sabu and Topiary in order to have a foe.

Session Start: Sat Jun 18 17:58:33 2011
Ident: #peIRC
[17:58] * Now talking in ##p0ison
[17:58] * Topic is ‘[pE] TeaMp0isoN | OpFade2Black | If you got access to a botnet msg lol’
[17:58] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Jun 17 06:11:42
[17:59] <&Sabu> I know. If he does then I move it, TTL is only 5min.
[17:59] <lol> k
[17:59] <lol> Who is *******?
[17:59] <&Sabu> Thats *******… He can write the python for the IRC log, I have better things to do.
[17:59] <lol> …
[17:59] <Topiary> Sabu: I thought I was doing that.
[18:00] * Sabu sets mode: +oo lol Topiary
[18:00] <&Sabu> Nah, let him. I have something for you.
[18:00] <&Sabu> Get two or three twitter accounts setup. We want the “TeaMp0isoN” group to be a foe…
[18:00] <@Topiary> ok
[18:00] <&Sabu> So, start making posts calling us skidz and get a story line going.
[18:01] <@Topiary> preference on names?
[18:01] <&Sabu> They already have names. TriCk, iN^SaNe, and c0nv1ct.
[18:01] <@lol> convict is not one of them… he was just a skid that wanted to help the “cause”
[18:01] <&Sabu> Okay, so just TriCk and iN^SaNe.
[18:01] <@lol> Sabu: are you sure these two are not active still?
[18:01] <&Sabu> Yes, I was one of them. xD
[18:02] <@lol> wheres AV at?
[18:02] <&Sabu> Said he would be back in a few… I’ll send him a msg on Skype.
[18:03] <&Sabu> No reply… Probably busy with the repair guy still.
[18:05] <&Sabu> *******: Did you get the script written yet?
[18:05] <*******> Hold, fighting with the g/f…
[18:05] <&Sabu> Let me know when you are done. I wan’t to get this process started.
[18:05] <*******> Okay.
[18:06] <@Topiary> TriCk was taken already so I setup the names as _TeaMp0isoN_
[18:06] <@Topiary> I will use TeaMp0isoN_ for the other one
[18:06] <&Sabu> Make it look militry style so people think it might be #jester.
[18:06] <@lol> 🙂 hehe
[18:06] <@Topiary> I have the font used for Modern Warfare :p
[18:06] <&Sabu> Just don’t make it look cartoonish
[18:07] * avunit ([email protected]) has joined ##p0ison
[18:07] <&Sabu> About time…
[18:07] <avunit> Gimmeh a break, they just left.
[18:07] * Sabu sets mode: +o avunit
[18:07] <@avunit> What did you need?
[18:08] <&Sabu> We are starting the poison pawn thing…
[18:08] <&Sabu> And lol was asking for you :p
[18:08] * avunit hides
[18:08] <@avunit> lol, I like men, but NO BEARS!!!
[18:10] <@Topiary> http://twitter.com/#!/_teamp0ison_ < Look good?
[18:10] <@lol> LOL… Nice.
Session Close: Sat Jun 18 18:11:20 2011