A dual SIM mobile phone makes sense if you wish to reduce the burden of carrying 2 separate mobile phones and want to take benefit of the best call rates while traveling. Dual SIM mobile phones are now available with Dual SIM standby or Dual SIM active feature. In case of Dual SIM standby the user can only use one SIM at any point of time, while Dual SIM active feature allows user to change and use both SIMs at any point of time. The best dual SIM mobile phones can deliver exceptional functionality.

Samsung Rex Dual SIM: The Samsung Rex series of phones are all dual SIM models, with Rex 70 and Rex 90 phones offering hot swap feature. This means that the user can swap the SIM without switching the phones off. The smart dual feature in Rex 70 and Rex 90 also allows users to receive calls from one SIM even while the other SIM is being used. The Rex 80 as well as Rex 90 also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and the phones in this series have Touchwiz User interface and preloaded social apps.

Samsung Rex Dual SIM

Nokia Asha Dual SIM: Amongst the cheapest of dual SIM mobile phones available in the market, the Nokia Asha series 202, 205, 305 and 308 are phones with dual SIM standby feature. Users get an incredibly smooth and simplified interface, with a detailed SIM manager in case of Asha 305. The Asha 308 comes with the Nokia Xpress browser for faster browsing experience. Users can easily change the SIM card without the need to turn off the phone and also get access to the unlimited music collection with Nokia Music.

Nokia Asha Dual SIM

 Samsung Galaxy S Duos Dual SIM: The Samsung Galaxy S Duos is the ideal phone if you want the dual SIM specification in a mid-range smartphone device. Widely regarded as one of the best dual SIM mobile phones in the market, the phone has a revolutionary Dual SIM Always on feature which ensures that you do not have to miss any calls. Users can take calls even while they are connected to the internet or while talking through the other SIM card. The optimized android ICS, large display and 5 MP camera makes it an exciting device for dual SIM enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Dual SIM


Xolo Q800 Dual SIM: Xolo Q800 is another phone that comes with quad core processor and Dual SIM stand by feature. This phone is a great buy for gaming enthusiasts or those who require crisp processor performance.

Xolo Q800 Dual SIM


 Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Dual SIM: The Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is another phone that has Dual SIM Active feature whereby users can receive and take a call while talking on a call through the other SIM. The capacitive 3.5 inch touchscreen and 5 MP camera with auto focus and geo tagging makes it a great buy.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Dual SIM

Micromax Canvas HD A116 Dual SIM: If you are looking for a dual SIM smartphone with top end specifications without having to shell out a small fortune, then the Micromax A116 Canvas HD is one of the best phones in the market. It has Dual SIM Standby feature and its quad core processor makes it an exceptionally fast mobile phone.

Micromax Canvas HD A116 Dual SIM

These are some of the best dual SIM mobile phones in the market. You can choose an appropriate dual SIM mobile phone based on your requirements, features on offer and budget constraints. Let us know what you think by writing your comments below.

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