Aston Martin, arguably the UK’s most desirable marque known for manufacturing genuinely good Super Cars is now up with the One-77 Super Cycle.

We all know about the insanely powered One-77 Super Car. The one that cages the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the world. But the thing is that very few are made.

So, what is this One-77 Cycle? Aston Martin’s Super Cycle to put it in a simple way. Okay, now that’s not enough. This menacing machine is made up of High-Grade Carbon Fibre with embedded electric and hydraulic lines. One-77 Cycle included a Shimano Dura-Ace D12, 20 speed electric shift system. The brakes are hydraulically actuated discs. One-77 Cycle also includes a onboard, touchscreen-controlled computer which tracks and also records the details of your ride. The front end houses LED Headlights powered by a 10-Hour Li-ion battery.

This is not a cycle which you would park next to tree and go to pee because this thing cost’s a whooping Rs. 22,00,000 , Good enough! So, where did I put those keys.