3D house Amsterdam

3D printing has been time consuming yet very convenient way to build industrial design and products. Now architects in Amsterdam are taking 3D printing to a all new level. They have started building the first full-sized 3D-printed house. The project is called 3D Print Canal House.

The building will be a 13-room Dutch canal house made of interlocking plastic parts. Announced earlier this year, so far the construction sees a three-meter-high corner segment being made. The entire process of printing and assembling the house is slated to take three years. The interior and facade are printed as part of the same brick, and spaces are left for wiring and pipes. To ensure the strength of the structure, the walls will be reinforced with concrete.

As per the designers, the printing series of blocks will eliminate waste and reduce transportation costs. Also the plastic itself can be made with recycled materials.

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/87843940″]

Source: The Verge