Apple has today announced iOS 6 a new update for iPhone and iPads, bringing out new features and putting end to all the iOS 6 rumors. The iOS 6 has got new feature to Siri, FaceTime, Safari and more.

One of the major update for the iOS 6 is Maps feature which offers real-time ETA traffic info, 3D mode, flyover feature can let user see cities and landmarks from the air, Turn by turn navigation voice brought to you direct from Siri and has 100 million local businesses listed upon launch.

The iOS 6 has also got Siri updates like it  lets you update Facebook and Twitter by voice, it has integration with Rotten Tomatos, the movie review website, it can launch apps and can find the best restaurants in town and make reservations and Siri is now finally available on the iPad. Facebook is now integrated with iOS just like twitter and you can share photos, links, maps, iTunes links, and Game Center content.

The iOS 6 has got new redesigned phone app where you can choose to send a message instead of pick up the call, a Geo-fence feature allows you to be reminded to call someone when you leave a certain area, Do Not Disturb mode feature and Two calls in a row can be sent through, in case of emergencies. The new Passbook feature gets all your passes in one place, including boarding passes, tickets, and coupons.

FaceTime for iOS 6 has been updated and now lets you FaceTime calls over cellular data. The Safari update comes with come with an offline reader, iCloud Tabs keeps track of which pages you have open on your devices, and saves web pages to Reading List when not connected to internet.

The new iOS 6 is comparable with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2 and the new iPad coming this fall.

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