Anonymous hackers have leaked 1GB of private emails and documents belonging to Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI) as a part of Operation AntiSec.


The note along with the leak said:

we are releasing 1GB of private emails and documents
belonging to Vanguard Defense Industries(VDI), a defense contractor that sells
arms to law enforcement, military, and private corporations. The emails belong
to Senior Vice President of VDI Richard T. Garcia, who has previously worked as
Assistant Director to the Los Angeles FBI office as well as the Global Security
Manager for Shell Oil Corporation. This leak contains internal meeting notes and
contracts, schematics, non-disclosure agreements, personal information about
other VDI employees, and several dozen “counter-terrorism” documents classified
as “law enforcement sensitive” and “for official use only”.

Vanguard Defense Industries manufactures unmanned “ShadowHawk” drones which cost
$640,000 and are equipped with grenade launchers and shotguns. ShadowHawks are
currently in use by law enforcement, military, and private corporations
deploying them in the US, the Horn of Africa, Panama, Columbia, and US-Mexico
border patrol operations. These emails contain contracts, schematics,
non-disclosure agreements, and more. Additionally we found evidence of a Merrill
Lynch wealth management advisor giving private advance notice to Garcia about
upcoming S&P US credit rating downgrades.

Richard T. Garcia is also an executive board member of InfraGard, a sinister
alliance of law enforcement, military, and private security contractors
dedicated to protecting the infrastructure of the very systems we aim to
destroy. It is our pleasure to make a mockery of InfraGard for the third time,
once again dumping their internal meeting notes, membership rosters, and other
private business matters.

Within the booty you may find lots of shiny things as we did not have time to
follow up on all the data. Safe to say, that despite previous disclosure in the
mediaMr. Garcia did not bother to change any of his
many many passwords found in his spool at the time of this release. So here’s
also a shoutout to all Lulz Lizards still following our mischiefs: Have fun with
the data of Mr. Garcia, former Assistant Director to the L.A. FBI office who now
sells his cybersecurity “skills” to the Military and Government for brazen
amounts of money.

We are doing this not only to cause embarrassment and disruption to Vanguard
Defense Industries, but to send a strong message to the hacker community. White
hat sellouts, law enforcement collaborators, and military contractors beware:
we’re coming for your mail spools, bash history files, and confidential

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

You can download the leak via Thepiratebay.

  • Dangerfield

    The vicious beasts bite the hands that feeds them… the hands that protects them from thugs, terrorists and assassins…
    I hope these criminal “hackers” get vanned. And do some real time on porridge.

  • Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wriintg.