Popular hactivist group Anonymous now have there eye on Indian Government. The reason for this is Indian govt. has given notice to ISP service providers to block torrent and video sharing websites.

Previous Anonymous hacker had taken down website of Congress and Indian Supreme Court . In this new attempt the hackers have posted an open Letter to Journalists, Reporters and Bloggers of India and the World regarding their movement in India.

The popular hacking method used by Anonymous hackers is DDoS attack. DDoS attack is basically overflowing the server capacity. This overflow in-turn causes to the website to temporarily go offline. In the letter, Anonymous clarified that a DDoS attack is not a hack, which is legally defined as unauthorized access to a network.

Here is the letter posted by Anonymous India:


  • Me and thousands of other geeks are waiting for a decision of Indian Govt about removing the limits from Internet file sharing websites. Its been around 10 days since this letter, well we can just wait. Hope this try be successful. 🙂