Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacks on government websites of Japan’s Finance Ministry, Supreme Court and political parties DPJ and LDP, as a reaction to the country’s new anti-piracy bill. Japans anti-piracy bill state for downloading of copyrighted works knowing that they are not free and that it is illegal. The new law outlines jail sentence for 2 years or fine of 2 million yen ($25300) or both.

[box_dark]A statement on anonymous website said anti-piracy bills passed last week in Japan would do “little to solve the underlying problem of legitimate copyright infringement. This would result in scores of unnecessary prison sentences to numerous innocent citizens”.

“The content industry is now pushing ISPs (internet service providers) in Japan to implement surveillance technology that will spy on… every single internet user. This would be an unprecedented approach and severely reduce the amount of privacy law abiding citizens should have in a free society.”[/box_dark]

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan, 4.36 billion files were illegally downloaded in the country in 2010.

Source: BBC

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