Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted that his Facebook page had been hit by the hacker group Anonymous, which took a swipe at the country’s independence celebrations. Sporting a mask from “V for Vendetta,” the movie about anarchy, hackers posted a one-minute-and-31-seconds video mocking the celebration of the country’s Independence Day on July 20th.  The hackers believe the government is keeping Colombians from the rights and freedoms they deserve.

I regret the interference with the Facebook account that is in my name, and the messages that have been published there,” Santos said in the microblogging service.

On Santos’ personal page Anonymous left short phrases that are one of its calling cards, and a link to a video entitled “False Independence,” as Colombia marks the 201st year of its independence from Spain. “On July 20, you should not celebrate; you should demand your rights and liberties,” the masked hacker said in Spanish.

The latest hack by Anonymous was that claiming to have access to NATO documents.

Source:  latino.foxnews