The AnonymousIRC hacking organisation have claimed this afternoon that they have hacked into NATO servers. As one of there tweets says:

Yes, #NATO was breached. And we have lots of restricted material. With some simple injection. In the next days, wait for interesting data 🙂

AnonymousIRC today also tweeted the following

We are sitting on about one Gigabyte of data from NATO now, most of which we cannot publish as it would be irresponsible. But Oh NATO….

So did they really hack into NATO?

Well, to support this claim they did release NATO Restricted PDF. The pdf was later unavailable from the site. However  Blottr did obtained the PDF and for security reasons didnt share the PDF. However some screenshot of the pdf were leaked.


1 more PDF file was leaked by AnonymousIRC. Here are the screenshots

Credits: Blottr