Hello Android fans,  I have a good news here,  “Android JellyBean 4.1.0 is coming this year.”

As you all know Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was released last year by launching Google Galaxy Nexus. And ICS was a big success and some users have Updated their Android Version to 4.0.3 ICS,  And many other users are waiting to get an Update from their respective Manufacture.

Google is getting ready to announce its new Android Version 4.1.0 JellyBean this year which was rumored to be “Android 5.0 JellyBean”.
However I’ve got an update saying Nexus 7 Tablet will have JellyBean as its OS.  And I expect Android JellyBean more as a minor update to ICS. Right now we can’t say anything more about it,  let’s wait for the Launch.


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