AMD unveils 4GHz+ FX Series Vishera processors 1 geektech

AMD has announced its new FX Series processors, the Piledriver Vishera chips. The Chips come in 4, 6, and 8-core variants with “default” speed of 4GHz. The new chips are having improvements in performance with more cores and higher frequencies.

The new  FX Series have 4 processors in line:

  •  4.2GHz FX-8350 8MB of L3 (8-core, $195)
  • 4.0GHz FX-8320 8MB of L3 (8-core, $169)
  •  4.1GHz FX-6300 8MB of L3 cache (6-core, $132)
  •  4.0GHz FX-4300 4MB of L3 cache (4-core, $122)
[box_dark]Adam Kozak says “We’re seeing anywhere from seven, all the way up to 15% [in improvement improvement]. Half of that comes from [instructions per cycle] improvements, and the other half or so comes from frequency improvements.” According to AMD, you need a 9-series motherboard to run the FX Vishera chips.[/box_dark]
AMD unveils 4GHz+ FX Series Vishera processors 2 geektech

The processor has Piledriver architecture, an improved version of the previous Bulldozer processors. The FX processors are compared with Intel’s Core i5-3570K, i5-3450, i5-2300, and i3-2120 processors.

Source: slashgear