Following the success of  the Kindle e-book reader, Amazon is bringing out its new 7 inch tablet for $250 in November.

Technology blog TechCrunch got its hands on a prototype reported that the device sports a back-lit 7-inch screen — smaller than the iPad’s and about the same as Research in Motion’s PlayBook .The device has a very small internal memory of 6GB and will be playing most data off the cloud.

The OS was developed ingeniously by amazon from an old version of version of Android, making it very light.Amazon’s internet services like Cloud Player, Instant Video Player, Appstore, and the Kindle app are preloaded. Amazon plans to offer Amazon Prime Internet streaming service for free along with the gadget.

Industry analysts are already positive about the product and see it as a tough competition for the ipad and given Amazon’s success with kindle, this sure looks like a promising tab.


Source: Reuters