Amazon Kindle Fire 2, as the tablet will likely be called, could start shipping as early as May of this year. Amazon launched their first Android tablet near the end of last year in the US, the Amazon Kindle Fire, the device is still only available in the US.

The Kindle Fire has been an extremely popular device for Amazon, mainly due to its $199 price point, and now according to a recent report by the China Times, the device will start shipping in May.

It isn’t clear as yet whether this new device will feature the same size display as the existing Kindle Fire, which has a 7 inch display, or whether this will be the larger 9 inch Kindle Fire that we have been hearing about for some time.

It is understood that the Amazon Fire on the second generation of the Kindle is very confidence, to disclose to the supply chain “this year will definitely better than last year. Market expectations, Amazon Tablet PC market size of this year have the opportunity to break 10 million units, the supply chain is expected, the second generation of the Kindle Fire shipments have the opportunity to challenge the single season for the generation of models up to 6 million units results in the second quarter of the supply chain will drive shipping heating.


Source: Geeky Gadgets