Amazon Dash

Amazon is giving its customers a magic wand; well pretty much! Amazon Dash is a shopping accessory which the company is providing for its customers. The company believes that the device will make shopping experience more easier and also make customers buy more products.

Amazon Dash is a  6 inch (approx) long plastic stick that includes a laser scanner and a microphone for voice search, either of which will let you add items to a shopping list. All that items you have saved in the device will be delivered next day by Amazon Fresh.

The built-in barcode reader can be used to scan the barcode from packaging of products. For items that does not have a bar code, you can use dictaphone mode, where you can dictate what item you want to add to the list. It connects via Wi-Fi to computers or mobile phones, from which you can actually view the list and order the items.

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  • Priya Rao

    This concept looks pretty awesome. Not sure when it will land up in India.