For the first time ever, Albert Einstein’s complete archives is available on net. That includes personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers to notebooks scribbled with his groundbreaking research. The archives are posted online as part of a massive project to digitize the physicist’s work.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the German Jewish physicist’s papers, is pulling never-before seen items from its climate-controlled safe, photographing them in high resolution and posting them online.


All research notes on breakthroughs like the theory of relativity will be available on the online portal for the public. The site’s database contains approximately 81,000 Einstein and Einstein-related archival items: writings, professional & personal correspondence. The collection includes 14 notebooks filled with research notes in small cursive handwriting, letters to Einstein’s contemporaries on his physics research, and a handwritten explanation of his theory of relativity and its summarizing equation e=mc2.


Source: guardian