At CES 2012, Acer has unveiled what they refer to as the world’s thinnest Ultrabook, the Aspire S5. Aspire S5 is an ultra-slim device that measures only 15 mm at the maximal point. It weighs less than 1.35 kg (less than 3 lbs.) and is built with a 13.3-inch (34 cm) LCD.

In addition, it features the unique Acer Green Instant On technology for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect, which lets users manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere — even from sleep.

Jim Wong, president of Acer Inc. said:

“The Ultrabook is much more than just a product segment,”

“It’s a new trend that will become the mainstream for mobile PCs, and customers will see the unique features gradually extended across Acer’s notebook family.”

The Aspire S5 features:

  • an Intel® Core™ processor
  •  SSD storage for speed and increased shock resistance
  •  professionally-tuned Dolby® Home Theater® v4
  •  long battery life via the PowerSmart battery pack (with a 3X longer life cycle* than traditional batteries)
  • Chiclet keyboard

The Aspire S5 is Acer’s first Ultrabook to feature a smartly designed MagicFlip I/O port panel concealed just below the hinge. This design feature enhances the overall slenderness and streamlined form of the S5. When needed, a press of the MagicFlip key opens the panel to reveal a selection of I/O ports: HDMI®, USB 3.0 and 20 Gbps Thunderbolt.

Innovative Acer Green Instant On and Acer Always Connect technologies enable data upload and retrieval anytime, anywhere, and deliver power-saving features as well.

Acer Green Instant On provides instant-resume functionality (in 1.5 seconds) and ensures battery life that lasts several weeks.

Acer Always Connectgets users online faster than conventional connections for better productivity and infotainment enjoyment. With their Facebook, Twitter and Outlook email accounts open, users can see updates instantly upon resuming. Furthermore, Acer Always Connect can wake up the Aspire S5 from a remote device like a smartphone. Access to all documents, music, pictures and video files is fast and always available.

  • Aziz

    Is thiner acer laptop available in Saudi

  • It is just been announced. You will have to wait till it hits markets and is available to public. It might take time before it is available in Saudi.

  • Zain

    Is it available in Germany? And if is than how much?.

  • You can see the official press release here:
    So far the price is not mention. Nor have they mentioned where and all it will be available. Surely it will hit all countries but it might take a while.