Breat Cancer app

An Indian student, Sanjay Sreekumar, has developed a smartphone app that can help detect breast cancer. Sanjay Sreekumar is a 19-year-old software engineering undergraduate from Australian National University. The app is called YapApp. The name comes from The Young Adults Programme’ (YAP) which is a breast cancer awareness organization.


The app provides step-by-step instruction for self-examination to detect cancer tumour. The app will available for Android and iOS soon and is free to download. The developer of the app says:

“There’s a big potential for apps to provide a proactive means of detecting illnesses. This is not something that just targets specific people. It can affect everyone regardless of age and gender.”

“I always feel sympathetic when I hear stories about people suffering from cancer. This is something I can do. The core of YAP is providing an additional means of examination to save lives. It could apply to many illnesses. I want to see this technology being used world-wide.”

Source: thinkdigit