A Sharp AQUOS Android Phone With 3D Camera visits The FCC-Seems like one of the mobile 3D AQUOS Sharp will travel to the U.S. model called SHI12 CDMA has just visited the FCC. The handset features 8MP 3D camera in the back, and GPS Tri-band communication CDMA. This may be IS12SH Sharp announced last week that of Japan. If so, this device has 4.2-inch display and feature qHD 2.3 robot under the hood.

The approval of the FCC does not automatically mean that it will launch this model in the United States, but if it is true, it will make the market robot 3D covered well with the 3D Optimus LG is expected to fall in the United States later this year, with the next expected in the week the launch of a race of 3D EVO HTC. Beauty and the existence of three different 3D models coming from 3 different companies is that there is bound to be a model that what I was looking in the device 3D. Just remember that the technology is still in its infancy and before a few years from now, and 3D technology on a smart phone that is sure to be a lot different, and yes, maybe much better.