Firefox OS Review

The World Wide Web went abuzz with news and reports when Mozilla announced its upcoming operating system for smart phones. There was a reason for the news shaking the market, as the Google’s operating system for smart phones, Android was a huge success and something similar could be expected from Mozilla as well. Well, the news has come out, off late is that the Operating system is now ready for a full-fledged utilization by the users. It was originally dubbed as “Boot to Gecko: or something like B2G, in simple words the Firefox OS is HTML 5 ready.

The company has a huge name in the industry; Mozilla is indeed one of the most popular browsers in the market after Google Chrome. Google has its own charm, but the Google Chrome Operating system could not make a mark in the industry, you are aware of the popularity Google has kept, even then the operating system could not appeal to the masses.

So definitely Mozilla should have worked on its version of operating system with a lot of effort and here the discussion is about the operating system for smart phones, which means that the competition is with Android, the master blaster in the market.

So Mozilla’s operating system for smart phones should be equipped with such exclusive features that the people may feel the pull towards it. Android’s impact on the people need not to be mentioned, you know the facts right to the last decimal point.

Well, going by step, this is an attempt to explore the Operating system part by part.

What is the Firefox Operating system all about?

To put things straight, the Firefox operating system for smart phones is a new kid in the block, aiming to compete with the World class and globally renowned Android, while the latter is now the World leader as the best operating system for smart phones. It is being developed by Mozilla, the developer of the popular internet browser Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox operating system uses the Gecko engine where you can open the web standards to develop and run the other application on your smartphone. It has been over a year since the Firefox operating system for smart phones is being developed, so the company has better to offer something worthwhile for keeping the people waiting for such a long time, there are prototypes coming out but nothing in reality. Recently the company did speak about an addon that could be installed on Firefox browser. It is just a trail for you to know how the operating system would run and function on your smart phone when installed.

Well, there are a few claims that the Firefox operating system for smart phones borrows its appearance from Android. Then there are more reports that clearly state that when it comes to looks, you would find no difference between an Android based smart phone and a Firefox based smart phone.

Here is a quick look of how would the Firefox operating system feel when you open it on your smart phone

  1. The lock screen that is like a carbon copy of that of an Android smart phone. There is a clock and date information and the other quick keys as well along with an option to add a background image. In other words you would not be able to distinguish between an Android smart phone and a Firefox operating system based smart phone.
  2. Then the home screen, which has the space for up to the four icons, which is the SMS Messaging, the contacts, the dialer and a Firefox browser icon as well.
  3. Moving on, if you are worried that every little thing seems to be a replica of the Android interface, and then there are a few things that are exclusive to the Firefox Operating system. There a FM radio app, well it actually looks like an old radio in the screen and then you will have to turn the dial to tune into your favorite radio station, back to old days isn’t it? There is a feedback button that is hidden where you can send in feedbacks to the development team. That is not all; there is also a dedicated panel for an app called It is an HTML 5 mobile search page where you can use apps without downloading them.

So what makes the Firefox operating system different?

Most of the critics for the Firefox had mentioned about the similarities in the looks of the operating system, there were several complaints that the Firefox operating system looks more or less like the Android and the iOS. These are not just claims made by the people; there have been reports that the company may be sued for copying the looks from the operating systems. Then again there are a few things are unique to the Firefox Operating system for smart phones they are as follows,

  1. The Firefox operating system is based on the Gecko Engine
  2. It is comparatively of a lower price
  3. There are no glitches with the customization it is easy to personalize

The Gecko engine is the highlight of the smart phone; you can easily open Web standards such as HTML, CSS and Java script the operating system guarantees zero glitches with anything to do with the web browsers. The apps that the operating system supports is insane, it has just opened up the World Wide Web for to take your pick. The Firefox market place had already opened its doors and houses some really interesting apps. These Web standards are now central to the operating system; this is a major benefit of this operating system.

On an end note, the Firefox Operating system makes the mobile ecosystem simple for the developers and the users alike. There could be a situation wherein companies like Apple and Google will shed their self-created platforms and start working together.

Well, that is about this brand new operating system for smart phones that will launch soon. There would be more details coming out soon, so as to give a better update on the same.

Author Bio – Ajay Chauhan is expert in handsets and technology reviews working at He has done a great research to find out reviews of Firefox OS, its features and specs.