You read it right folks, a self cleaning fabric developed by Ning Liu from the University of California: Davis. The newly developed textile can clean itself when solidified without any need for scrubbing to get rid of the germs and dirt.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine self-cleaning underwear, self cleaning baby clothes or lab aprons. All of this was made possible by a chemical compound called 2-anthraquinone carboxylic acid or 2-ACQ. Ning Liu came up with a method to incorporate 2-ACQ in cotton fabric.

[box_dark]“The new fabric has potential applications in biological and chemical protective clothing for health care, food processing and farmworkers, as well as military personnel.”[/box_dark]

2-ACQ forms a strong bond with the cellulose in cotton. Which makes it extremely hard to wash off. When this treated cloth is exposed to light , 2-ACQ reacts to form oxygen species like hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals which kills bacteria and disintegrates organic compounds and  toxins.