Fancy a simple way to save web files to cloud with merely one click, without taking the trouble to choose the destination folder? Now you can achieve this with Ballloon. Yes, 3 L’s.

What Ballloon Brings You?

Ballloon allows you to save web files directly to clouds with one click, and you can save the files to any of the given cloud storage service. Ballloon provides you with six cloud storage options (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Copy and Sugarsync), you can save tons of pictures, links, PDF files to any of them, yet, and you don’t have to download the files first to your harddisk.

By using multiple file hosting service at the same time, you can enjoy a super larger storage space in total. Also, you can sort your files into different cloud storage. For example, you can save all images to Dropbox and save all PDF files to OneDrive. Or, you can put all your work files into one cloud and put your life stuff into another one.

How to Save Files with Ballloon

Right click on the desired link, you will see the contest menu shows ‘Save link to’ and the options of all the given cloud storage solutions, just choose your preferred one and the link is flied to its destination folder.

A pop up notification shows up once the link is being saved successfully, so you know what is going on.

And this is the notification of a file’s arrival.

Saving Images and PDF files:

Now is the most exciting part, almost at the same time you move your cursor into a pic, you will amazingly find the hover icons of the given cloud show on the upper right of that picture. You click one of them you get the pic collected in it. Alternatively, you can toggle the visibility of those hover icons by triply hitting the ‘L’ button quickly within 1 second. While what if you are annoyed to see icons of clouds you don’t use displaying on pics? That’s okay; you can manage your hover icons here in

Definitely, you can change the defaulted folder and move the files among the folders. The files can be randomly arranged as all types of files mixed together, or you can sort them according to their file types!

Where can I view my flying history, in other words departures?
On the official site of Ballloon ( and keep your Ballloon account logged in. All the data that you’ve ever transferred to any of your clouds can be viewed right there.

In all, Ballloon is one of the most amazing Chrome extensions ever that is not only a handy tool but also a decoration to your Chrome. Have to say the awesome UI design is one of the factors deeply attracts me.

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    Thumbs up. I will be using this for sure. I need it for my dropbox and Gdrive. Cool addon.

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