Facebook has launched a new application for cell phones to gain access to the photos in Facebook easier and faster. You can have an easy view and access to the photographs of your friends and a single swipe will allow you to enlarge a video or picture.Sharing and uploading pictures is easier as well after you get the application installed into your mobile phone. Sharing the photos one at a time is difficult; this application enables you to tag, share and post photos all at once in a single tap.
The best thing about this application is that it has editing options so that one can crop, re-size, and rotate pictures as required. Facebook camera has been announced by the company only weeks ago.While you enable the option of Facebook camera, the interface helps you to detect any interaction over iPhone. The application allows a permanent photo button on the left corner. The Facebook page flashed upon the screen does not look the usual Facebook page we open in the computer.
The photo editor has 15 effects options for your photo. The only thing different in this application is that you are not allowed to save or download photos in the albums of your friends. Deleting the photos that are already uploaded is a problem as well.
Video uploading is not yet supported by the application, but the newer versions are sure to minimize this problem.The Facebook camera user interface is quite different from iPhone Facebook. Yet it enables you to follow the newsfeeds and photos uploaded by those in your friend list. The main motto of this application developer is to enable the users upload high-resolution photos in bulk in a short time. This application also has the capability to upload photo from the built-in camera of the phone.

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