9-String Kelstone Guitar Developed by Belgium’s Jan Van Kelst, players can strum, pick, hammer-on and pull-off, slide, bend, use both hands like a piano player. The Kelston guitar has a range of 5 octaves tuned in fourths with the open strings being: B-E-A-D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb. It offers the range of a bass, baritone and standard guitar in one instrument. It weighs 8.3kg (18.29 pounds) and is 108cm long.

 Van Kelst says that as such: “if you know, for instance, the fingering of a major chord, you can use this form anywhere on the arm, regardless of the position or note you start with.”

The Kelstone Guitar costs 915.00 € and extra for accessories and can be shopped from kelstone website.

Source: gizmag

  • Raghavendra Sriram

    similar to a pedal steel….though that’s been around for quite some time…nice sound:)