Anonymous called this operation as “Turkish Takedown Thursday”, a part of Operation Antisec. Anonymous hackers deface 74 Turkish websites for the name of Antisec with a message on home page of every website as shown in the pic below:

Hacked 74 websites details leaked by a torrent file with another message :

Greetings fellow pirates and hackers,

  our vessel recently encountered a Turkish Government frigate, a chance we
  could not not let pass. So we simply boarded their vessel (no need to fire
  any cannons, mind you, they never found out what happened until just now).
  and collected some booty. Find the dump of some 100 plus .tr domains in
  this release. For a good measure we also decided to remove 74 Turkish
  government websites and replace the content with a better message:

 May the winds be always with you, sail strong my friends!