The highly anticipated smartphone from Samsung,The galaxy SIII was released last week in India.The smartphone is in high demand and are been sold like hot cakes.It is also available below the marked price at select online shopping website like snapdeal,click here to make a purchase of the Handset.

Galaxy SIII lived up to its expectation and came up with some really unique feature.

The five unique features of Galaxy SIII are as follows:

1.Many a times the smartphone User face a situation when the screen  times out while reading something on it.Galaxy S III makes use of the front camera and solves this problem.It sees to that the screen doesn’t Time out when the user is busy reading on the device.All the nerds out there,this feature is tailor made for you.

2.Another  innovative feature is Direct call.If you are typing a message and feel like you should call them.Pick up the phone and hold it near your ear.The gadget will make a call to that person.This feature uses Proximity sensor in the device.

3.Multitasking is made possible with this device.It has a feature called pop up play that allows the user to watch video while they are busy doing something else on the phone.

4.Another amazing feature is Buddy share.Once you click a photo with your Galaxy SIII,it asks to identify the person.When you have done with that,it looks into your contact and allows the user to to share, if you permit, the photos with people who feature in them.

5.Smart alert is another Unique feature which keeps a track of the missed call and messages.If you have any missed call or messages the phone vibrates when you pick up .It also features a LED to notify you.


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