cyber treats

Technology is a boon and it comes with its own shade of grey. Everything today runs on centralized systems inter connected via strings of wires, fed by the internet. To besiege these systems, all it takes is a hacker who can breach the data and voila! The most important data is now at the mercy of a cyber goon.

Considering the growing dependence on computers, there are looming threats and there are also fixes to keep these threats at bay. Some of them are listed below which are likely to become strong pain points for the geeks in the lab!

  • Mobile Trouble – Mobile usage has increased exponentially over the past few years. The studies show, while the PC malwares have been at a low, android based phones have shown a 33% increase in the malware. When the affected device is connected to a PC, it attaches itself to all the machines, a good reason to lose sleep for companies who encourage bring your own device policy.
  • New Online Currency – Like internet banking and related scams were not enough that a virtual currency like Bitcoins have also been introduced. The advent of virtual money will open a Pandora’s Box for the bad guys. They can now take your mobile phone as a hostage and demand Bitcoin ransom to free your data. While actual money transfers are traceable, Bitcoins are not. This will surely prove as a hotbed for all the monetary crimes online.
  • Premeditated Social Attacks Since the use of social media is at an all time high, it has been proven by studies that the popularity of the social media will at one point entice the public or private companies to launch cyber attacks on their rivals by hacking and stealing all the personal information.
  • Weak HTML5 – HTML5 is the core language that forms the base of business mobile apps. However, it is extremely weak and prone to attacks by the hackers who can get full control of the attacked device.
  • Unprotected Cloud Space – The cloud storage has been gaining a lot of popularity because of the virtual space it offers to people. The cloud storage keeps the data safe and free from any threat of hard disk crash or subsequent loss of data. It also allows free access from anywhere at any time. However, all this data that is so recklessly being stored in the cloud space is completely unprotected.

The Big Fix

All the threats that are plaguing the cyber world can be a big cause of worry. But there are service providers like Bitdefender Antivirus who are always a step ahead of the cyber ambush. Built on the principle of artificial intelligence, this antivirus is smart and provides the best solution to keep your computer and data protected.

This antivirus automatically updates itself as soon as the machine is connected to the internet. It offers complete protection from all the web related malicious websites to offer you secure browsing experience. You can try out some of these free trial downloads to see what’s it like to get top protection for your PC, while you are still making your mind about what to purchase.

Cyber is a nasty world if you go unguarded. There is always a risk to be overexposed as we save almost all the potent information on our handheld devices or computers. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.