A 22-year old student allegedly associated with the hacking group “Anonymous” has been arrested and charged with computer offenses by the United Kingdom police.


Peter David Gibson, a student from Hartlepool, England, was charged with “conspiracy to do an unauthorized act in relation to a computer, with intent to impair the operation of any computer or prevent or hinder access to any program or data held in a computer or to impair the operation of any such program or the reliability of such data,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement Thursday.


Peter Gibson is out on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on September 7th to stand trial.U.K. police are also investigating another hacking group, LulzSec, which is accused of carrying out denial of service attacks on the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Source: bloomberg

  • Ajith

    No one can arrest an Idea!!

  • jester

    Yeah, but you can arrest all of the idiots behind the idea…

  • Sabu

    Jester- you aren’t so different from them.

    They fight for what they believe in.. and you do the same.

    Everyone can see now you are NOTHING without a ‘ghost’ to chase.

    Be it CIA created Al Queda puppets- or Anons.

    So cute up there on your soapbox *butt-hurt* constantly defending yourself from TROLLS.

    We laugh at your RT repeats – and we proceed onward.

  • Sabu

    Lmao don’t drop the soap anon faggots. Please only in your little pathetic imaginary world do you think your “fighting” the govt. Please get a life and get laid, otherwise die doe Darwin’s theory

  • th3j35t3r

    Neither of you are Sabu. The way you write is not correct. I on the other hand am th3j35t3r. Whether you believe me or not, I could not care less. It must be me coz I pap on inanely about nothing. Peace off.

  • Wez Hind

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  • Dangerfield

    Like the Vandals, the Thugs and the Hoodlums trashing their own neighborhoods in London last week (just for the Lulz), the Anons are trashing their own “Internet Neighborhood”; For What?? They are destructive criminals perpetrating crimes against themselves and innocent others…. really stupid and self destructive.
    Daniel Domscheit-Berg is right on…!!
    The Anons (and wikileakers) betray their own “principles”… what a bunch of hypocrites and phonies..!!
    There is such a thing as KARMA… the anons will pay the price in malcontented misery self created.

  • Truth

    As a personal friend of the person in question I ask that all the reporters report fact rather than victimise innocents. Peter never did a thing wrong but made the mistake of administering the wrong server at the wrong time and you make him out to be the kind of person who topples governments and murders children its a joke. Next time you feel like commenting leave your adress and real name and i’ll come have a chat with you face to face instead of hiding your pathetically ill informed beliefs behind psuedonems faggots.