Galaxy nexus was unveiled with the latest android 4.0(Ice Cream sandwich) by google and samsung.Ice cream sandwich contains many cool and unique features.Check out the features and images below for a rundown on the new operating system.


Face unlock

Swiping a home screen to unlock your phone has become old fashioned now.Ice Cream Sandwich’s new Face Unlock feature taps a phone’s camera so that users can log in by simply looking at the handset.if you dont want to use this feature,you can still use code number or drawing pattern to unlock the phone.







Android beam

One of the coolest feature of  ice cream sandwich is the  beam  which via NFC(near-filed communication) lets you tap two phones together to share a map, image, website, or link to an app.









Contacts and social networking features

Contact information is selected from your social networking connections, plus any other custom info that you’d like to manually add. This data is displayed on cards (similar to Windows Phone 7.5’s tiles) that are updated when the contact updates his or her social networking information.












Data management

Data manager allows you to control the network activity and view specific app’s data usage.the advantage of this is that you can set up warnings and hard caps to avoid an overage-fee pummeling.












New user interface

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is already  showing some amazing promise in the user interface department. Nearly every element of the OS has been overhauled, and new features can be found at every turn.Its similar to honeycomb tablet operating system.It also has a multi tasking icon.











Improved camera capabilities

Camera has zero shutter lag,as soon as the shutter button is clicked,new photo is taken without any delay.Android 4.0 also has a new filter-filled photo editor, and a particularly cool sounding feature: an image rotator that spins the photo based on where your eyes are looking.








Android 4.0 features live speech-to-text functionality.As soon as you start talking, your phone begins typing. It will even wait for you if you take a pause, and add emoticons and punctuation per your request.This feature lets smartphone users create e-mail, texts, and perform other functions simply by speaking.












Screen shots

Android  lets you take screenshots without requiring users to install apps and grab a screenshot by simultaneously holding power and volume-down buttons.

Widget management

Ice Cream Sandwich gives you widget flexibility by letting you select the size of displayed information on the home screens.

New browser functionality

The browser has been redesigned.the new browser has the address bar, a tabs button, and a menu button. The tabs button will display all open tabs, and allow you to add bookmarks.It looks much better than its gingerbread counter partner.Another huge improvement is the option to force the browser to display the desktop version of any webpage.












source :thinkdigit