Worlds cheapest tablet Aakash has become very popular with 1.4million bookings since it went up for sale on December 14th. The tab cost only $41 (2,500 rupees), the price of the tab could go down to $35 or even $10 in time to come. The tab features 7 inch touchscreen, 256 MB RAM, 2GB Storage, Wi-Fi Internet function, a multimedia player, 180 minutes of battery power, and runs on Android 2.2.

[box_dark]”The current response is overwhelming,” a spokeswoman at the company’s New Delhi PR agency told AFP “We plan to produce 75,000 units per factory per month from around April,” the spokeswoman said[/box_dark]

A upgraded version is planned for March with three more factories to produce 75,000 new units per month.The Aakash is targeted for the underprivileged students who require technical skills needed to boost India’s rapid economic growth.

Source: engadget